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What is a sports parent trap?

youngsports 2016. 6. 12. 10:18

                                                                By Jeremy Boone

Top ten most common reason

1. You want your child to succeed in ways that you never did

2. You want your child to have what you never had

3. You want your child experience what you never did

4. You want to make sure your child has an edge

5. You believe your child is the next great professional athlete

6. you expect your child to get a college athletic scholarship

7. Your older child is a great athlete, so why shouldn't your younger child be?

8. You want to be able to hang out with a certain social crowd and can do so by leveraging

    your child's successful performance


9. You define your own self-worth based on the success of your child's performance. 

    If they play poorly, you're a bad parent.

10. The only way you know how to connect with your child is through competitive sport.

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