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How to shoot in football

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How to shoot in football


Shooting the ball is one of the fundamental elements that round out the model of a complete football player. Shooting is not restricted to any one position, and it is a skill that every accomplished player should strive to master.

Below are the basic skills and technical aspects that a football player should take under consideration when trying to master the art of the shot.

Create space for yourself; you may have the best shot in the world, but if you can't get yourself into a position where an open strike presents itself, your skill will go wholly untested. That's why before you consider taking a shot, you need to create the space on the field where the opportunity to take a shot will materialize.

Balance your body before you even think about shooting the ball; make sure that your center of gravity is as balanced as possible. This is done by squaring your shoulders and ensuring that your weight is not dramatically favored on either leg. The placement of your non-shooting foot is also essential to your ability to strike the ball.

Lean over the ball; when taking a shot, it is important to lean over the ball. There are two primary reasons for this:

Leaning over the ball will narrow your point of gravity allowing you to deliver more force on the ball. Leaning over the ball will keep your shot from lofting high in the air above the goal.

Fully extend your leg; when taking a shot, it is important to fully extend your leg to maximize the amount of power you deliver. It will also give you better accuracy by maintaining proper form.

Strike the ball with your laces; when taking a shot, it is important that you strike the ball with the proper part of your foot. With the exception of other advanced shooting techniques (chips, ball spin etc.), you almost always want to strike the ball with the laces of the cleat. By doing this you will maximize your accuracy and power, as you will get the full force of your foot behind the ball.

Lock your ankle; when shooting, you also want to ensure that you lock your ankle when you strike the ball. If you fail to do this you will find that your accuracy will suffer tremendously, and you will also fail to maintain the power and force of an optimal strike.

Be aware of opposing defenders; you can't shoot unless you have the ball, and if you aren't aware of opposing defenders you surely won't have it for long. For this reason you need to be aware of where the defenders are, and take your shot only when the defense opens up. If this is not the case, it is probably best to make a pass to a teammate, keep your head in the game and wait for an opportunity to present itself.

Be aware of the opposing goal keeper's position often times; a shot is successful because of when it is taken, rather than how it is taken. The beauty of soccer is that it doesn't matter how the ball gets in the net - a goal is a goal. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but you must always remember the mantra of the goal scorer: "You can't score if you don't shoot."


There are many different ways to shoot the ball in football.  You can shoot with the instep, with the inside of the foot, the outside, and even the toe. You can drive the ball hard, make it curve in or out or chip it.

But the first thing you have to do is to know the basics: 'from the nose to the toes': 

Head down; eye on the ball.

You have look up to pick out your target and then look back to the football as you actually shoot. This is because it is virtually impossible to strike the ball correctly if you're not looking at it. 

Place non-striking foot alongside the ball.

If you plant your foot behind the ball your kicking foot is coming up as you strike. This will result in a chip shot. You need to practice running step how to plant your non-shooting leg to put on the right place for right shots. Repeat the step slowly and quickly.

Strike the middle of the ball.

You point the target of the ball. Like touching the middle area of the ball, you have to focus to impact the spot point out of the middle of the ball.  

Keep the knee of the kicking leg over the ball.

This technique determines the correct body position. Like running or riding the bike, you keep the balance of body and flexible rhythm for power. 


 Steps to improve your shooting ability


  1. Plant foot; your plant foot prior to striking the ball should be a foot and a half from the ball. This makes it more comfortable for you as a player to strike the ball. It also allows your striking foot enough space to follow through the ball afterwards to complete your strike. Your plant is also very important because it acts as stability through the motion of the strike and keeps you balanced, so again a foot and a half away from the ball is perfect.


  1. Flexibility; to have flexibility for you in your legs allows you as a player to generate more power from the ball, because you are able to raise your striking leg much higher before striking the ball, therefore you have more of a swing to striking the ball generating more power. Flexibility as a player also prevents injuries, and helps you with your running as well as you will be able to run quicker and again will help you to generate power with your shot.


  1. Leg position; the reason why you see top players around the world scoring brilliant goals with such power is simple, because of their leg position. The way to generate such power through the ball is to lift your striking leg as high as you can, prior to striking the ball. This will give you more of a swing to striking the ball therefore you generate more power through the ball.


  1. Body position: When you strike the ball you want make sure your body leans slightly forward keeping the ball lower to the ground. If you lean back too much the ball will automatically will go in the air flying over the goal as you do not want that to happen. You also want your head to be over the ball at the same time because this will automatically bring your body slightly forward keeping the ball lower. The reason why you would want to strike the ball lower is because it makes it harder for goalkeepers to dive onto the ball.


  1. 45 degree angle; basically, if you do not have this angle this is a high chance that went you strike the ball you will not strike the ball with your laces but instead you will strike the ball your toes leading to a poor shot. The 45 degree angle allows you to strike the ball with your laces creating a smooth strike of the ball. It also provides accuracy power. 


  1. Follow through: After you make contact with the ball make sure you follow through with your striking leg. Following through with the ball will create a smooth strike when striking the ball and will add more power. Not only that this will help you to direct the ball to where you want it to go.

A very important thing is too always keep your eye on the ball. Keep your eye on the ball before you make contact and after you make contact with the ball. This is very important because as soon as you take your eye off the ball it will ruin your strike of the ball.


In new total football,

The basic concept is unifying the coordination, balance, and rhythm of body.

Moreover, the advanced shooting skill is shorter than the full swing time and distance of traditional shooting cycle.

As a quick snap shot and punch the flash shooting need to delivery quick energy and movement to the spot of the ball with flexible stance.

Ronaldo has very simple and quick shooting stance and movement.

His shooting time is very short and simple; in addition he does not swing the leg fully like other players. As a result his leg shows a little angle to the end and his body position keep on straight to the goal post.  


Messi has short shooting step and quick time shooting distance therefore he can touch the ball more correctly on the wanted spot.


Goal post never moves therefore a player has to know and look at how to touch the ball.

After that he can control the ball and makes his own direction and skill how to shoot.

Basic principle is easy and simple; first, you have to look around space and target, next you need to imagine the direction, and last you have to focus to touch and impact the ball. It is a kind of snap punch by foot.

There is not any perfect form for shooting.

After that you understand and practice basic shooting principle you can progress your own shooting stance and skill.

That’s all.


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