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1. Coordination and Simplicity

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1. Coordination and Simplicity


Motor coordination is the combination of body movements created with the kinematic (such as spatial direction) and kinetic (force) parameters that result in intended actions.

Motor coordination is achieved when subsequent parts of the same movement, or the movements of several limbs or body parts are combined in a manner that is well timed, smooth, and efficient with respect to the intended goal.

This involves the integration of proprioceptive information detailing the position and movement of the musculoskeletal system with the neural processes in the brain and spinal cord which control, plan, and relay motor commands.

The cerebellum plays a critical role in this neural control of movement and damage to this part of the brain or its connecting structures and pathways results in impairment of coordination, known as ataxia.

<Physical Exercise>


If you want to improve your movement patterns to support better performance in a sport, or to promote greater comfort and better posture in your body, or to reduce the mechanical stress that contributes to pain, you need to improve your coordination.

What is coordination?

Coordination is why some people make movement look easy, graceful and effective, while others make it look awkward, difficult and painful.

Coordination basically means firing the right muscle fibers at the right time for a given physical task. Concepts like stability, mobility and balance are essentially just different aspects of coordination. Further, strength, flexibility, power and even endurance cannot be expressed to their full potential without coordination. Therefore, optimizing coordination should be one of your primary goals in regard to improving physical function.

<Sports and Athletics>  

Coordination is by all means one of the most important considerations in any study of proficiency in sports and athletics. Coordination is the quality which enables the individual to integrate all the powers and capabilities of his whole organism into an effective doing of an act.

The outstanding characteristic of the expert athlete is his ease of movement, even during maximal effort. The novice of characterized by his tenseness, wasted motion and excess effort. The rare person, the natural athlete seems to be endowed with the ability to undertake any sport activity, whether he is experienced in it or not, with ease.

The ease is his ability to perform with minimal antagonistic tension. It is more present in some athletes than in others, but can be improved by all.

Training for is purely a matter of forming proper connections in the nervous system through practice (precision practice). Each performance of an act strengths the connections involved and makes the new performance easier, more certain, and more readily done. Likewise, disuse tends to weaken any pathways that have been formed and makes doing of the act, more difficult and uncertain (constant exercises). Thus, we can attain skill only by actually doing the thing we are trying to learn. We learn sorely by doing or reacting. When learning to form pathways, be sure the actions are the most economically as well as the most efficient use of energy and motion.

To become a champion requires a condition of readiness that causes the individual to approach with pleasure even the most tedious practice session. The more “ready” the person is to respond to a stimulus, the more satisfaction he finds in the response, and the more “unready” he is, the more annoying he finds it to be forced to act.


<Total Football Way>

Simplicity is the key to brilliance.

To become a professional player, it needs to have good coordination of your body.

If you know how to play the ball on the “first touch”, you can control diverse ball movement and you can delivery next step comfortably and efficiently.

The first touch is crucial and all parts of the body should be using to achieve excellent coordination.

During profession match in 90 minutes, the player can control just 2-3 second and 3 minute.


Even though,  

Great players like Pele, Cruyff, Maradona, and Zidane showed how to play simple movement and crucial difference with others through perfect first tough.

Nowadays, we can see pure simplicity of mobility with perfect coordination of body through  Messi and Ronaldo’s play.

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