People are creatures of habit and whether we realize it or not, we ebb and flow in our likelihood to absorb marketing messaging. As a marketer trying to saturate a specific target with highly targeted messaging, your particular demographic may have trends that vary from the norm, but most people act in similar ways over a long period of time.

As you begin to put that marketing communications and content calendar together, you might want to think a little more about the days of the week that each activity falls on. Though research varies, there are certain trends marketers should take note of to make best using of their efforts.


Most people dread Mondays, but it’s also the day most people think of as getting back into the groove. As you wind up into the week, your brain is primed for taking in new information after a lull over what should have been a relaxing weekend.

Marketers looking to pounce on this should think about posting blogs on Mondays, as this is when blogs tend to get the most traffic. Now, the more you post, the better so you shouldn’t limit yourself to just Mondays, but putting your best foot forward on this day, particularly in the morning, will reap you the best results.


For all businesses, but particularly those that focus on B2B, LinkedIn should be a channel you put to use regularly, but it’s also important to realize the fluctuations of the platform. With the peak of shares occurring on Tuesdays, marketers should focus their efforts on the beginning of each week. If you think about this, it makes perfect sense. As people go throughout the week, the impeding deadline of Friday means people have less time to interact on LinkedIn.


Oh Wednesday. Half the week has come and gone and the weekend in finally in sight. What does this mean for marketers? Well, a few things actually. There are a few funny trends that we see on Wednesdays that should influence your marketing, particularly with regards to the messaging aspect.

For one, Instagram hashtag trends show that people like to think big on Wednesdays. Specifically, #WCW, also known as Woman Crush Wednesday, is a day to talk about the woman you wish you were more like or the woman you wish you had. Secondly, inspirational quotes do extremely well on Pinterest on Wednesdays. Why? Who knows, maybe people are feeling inspired or motivated to get through the west of the week. Whatever the reasoning for either of the above, both have an aspect of aspiration. Appeal to this in your messaging and you are more likely to hit people with a message they can relate to on Wednesdays.


Like everyone else, I’m sure your email is full of things that you will never read. As a marketer, sending an email that no one opens is an epic fail. As with everything else in marketing, you should diversify your efforts, but the biggest bang for your buck in email marketing occurs on Thursdays.

Studies show that the majority of inbox traffic and activities occur on the working days – with the peak on Thursday. This means that more emails are sent, opened, and clicked through on Thursdays when compared to any other day of the week. Now, you’ll obviously have more competition on Thursdays, so having a killer subject line to beat out all the rest becomes even more important.


We all know that you cannot post on social media channels once a week and be successful, but as the week winds down and people get into the weekend mood, Facebook activity begins to rise. According to Adobe, Friday’s earn the highest percentage of both post impressions and engagements. Recognizing this trend, marketers should focus on posts that are going to fit with the weekend vibe.

This DOES NOT mean that you should post some thought provoking piece of content that requires a long attention span and emotional context. What it does mean is that you should post things that appeal to what your customers will be doing on the weekend. Look to fluffy, fun items that embrace the excitement of Fridays and you’ll likely see higher engagement.


It’s finally here, the weekend. People are relaxed and yet energized to do something other than work. Knowing this, what can marketers use to reach their target audience? Twitter. Twitter engagement rates for brands are 17% higher on Saturday and Sunday compared to weekdays, with engagement rates also being the highest over the same time period.

Despite this information, statistics clearly show that marketers are not actually tweeting in patterns that match this data. Why is that? Marketers are enjoying their weekend as well. Companies looking to engage over the weekend need to plan ahead and embrace Twitter to gain maximum effectiveness.


Think of Sunday and the first thing that pops into most people’s minds is either church or reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee in hand. Though most people will tell you that newspaper marketing is dead, they are wrong. The vast majority of adults, 69%, read newspaper media content in print or online in a typical week.

With over 54% of adults reading the paper on Sundays, the newspaper business is still ripe for the picking. Now, I’m not advocating that all companies should advertise in an actual paper, but what’s most important is the realization that people still view this day as a time to catch up on what’s going on in the world. Their brains are primed for taking in new information, including new marketing messages.

As with any marketing, one day of the week is not enough. To really succeed, you’ll have to have a comprehensive, integrated marketing campaign to reach your full potential. With that being said, focus on when people are most primed for the information that you want them to have and your efforts will go much further. Interact in social media daily, optimize your emails for the optimal open times, and push out your other marketing activities regularly, but if you use statistics to your advantage you will have better results.